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What's the meaning of puta madre crossdresser putito

Some years ago, in ceuta Costa Rica, the maduras term whats jupa de pollo head of a chicken was popular slang for "penis".
"fuck your whore of a mother!
Anthropology Education Quarterly, 45(4 337354.
Curse words which vary a lot between countries.One might say, "Esta cabrón" to describe something as very good or very bad depending on maduro the circumstance.The phrase más que el diablo (which could translate as Yeah, right!) is also used often in the Dominican estable Republic to express incredulity (Ese examen fue fácil más que el diablo That exam was easy yeah, right!).Means José has chicas a hangover.Dar astilla (lit.: to give a splinter)used in the Dominican Republic.EditOther attacks against ones character analfabestia (contraction of analfabeto, jeans illiterate and bestia, beast)refers to someone who has made a fundamental error in spelling or grammar.In Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile it also means to make a big mistake,.g.: La cagaste (lit.: you shat on it).A Homosexual slurs edit Maricón edit Maricón (lit.: "big Mary" see below for explanation) and its derivative words marica and marico are words used for referring to a man as a gay, or for criticizing someone for doing something that, according to stereotypes, only.B Gabacho, in Spain, is used as a derisive term for French peopleand, by extension, any French-speaking individual.(You shit your pants!).The Moors were described as Spanish: cara de ajoor garlic-face/garlic-shaped facewhich was later contracted to carajo.Pelotas can have another meaning when it comes to nudity.It is played with two balls with a radius of 4 mujeres inches and with a bat of two inches wide and 9 long.The word goma literally refers to a number of products derived from rubber sap, such as natural rubber, madre glue, crude gum base, car tires mexico or latex condoms. The equivalent word in other regions for such people is travieso/traviesa (which madre in turn means transvestite in Argentina).
For example, vete a puta la goma can replace vete a whats la verga or vete a la mierda.
While A la chingada!
The verb cabrear can mean to piss off (someone).
For example, Eres una mariquita!, means Youre a pussy!
In Colombia it also means diaper.Chocha (or encontrar chocho) employed term for pussy predominantly in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and escuela Dominican burdeles Republic.(Hes such a lucky guy!Joto edit Joto (lit.: the "jack" or a "knave" crossdresser in a Western madre deck of cards ) is used in Mexico and the southwestern United States, madre puta usually pejoratively, in reference to an over-sexed male.For segovia example: Maldita sea putito la madre que te parió!B Pirata (lit.: Pirate ).