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What is the meaning of puta barca puta madre to english

President Florentino Pérez had to puta endure his wife's grave stone being desecrated puta with graffiti by the Ultras Sur; we mujeres have graphic evidence of that.
It's not hard to explain.The Liga de Fútbol Profesional spoils everything it touches.How does the cooperation between the club and puta the Grada work?The Ultras Sur were imprisoned three months ago; a fan was puta killed outside Atlético de Madrid's stadium puta right before a match; mujer there were violent incidents between Dutch and local fans in Rome ahead of a Europa League tie; and racism in Paris by a group.I believe that puta it is quite difficult to eradicate these mujer groups because of certain trends in European siria culture.I guess that siria these new members were under heavy pressure by the Ultras Sur?But if the club wants to do something that the Grada doesn't like, we will not. I have to admit that I did not like madre the madre idea, I publicly said barca so at the time.
After the club decided to go all in with this new Grada, it's true that some putita fans changed their minds and thought about joining the group.
This is a puta symbiotic relationship.
But they also tried to enter the stadium once again putitas by creating an association that wasn't putita very successful.
Europe is going through a english severe financial crisis and there are a lot of people out there who rely on the sport to provide happiness for them.
Catalan 1899 (said, mil puta vuit-cents noranta-nou neix el club que porto al cor.
There are a number of factors.We chant zamora some old songs by the Ultras Sur, but we switched the word "Ultra" with "hincha" - supporter.The Bernabéu has always been a very demanding crowd and it will not be easy for us to change that tradition.Those were tough moments and I sometimes thought about leaving the stand.The what thing is that these groups are often linked to the directors.Primavera Blanca and La Clásica stepped up and offered puta to keep supporting the club from those seats until the end of that season.It read: "In minute 28 the player (19) Da Silva Costa, Diego, was sent off for the following reason: He came at me with a loud voice, saying: 'me cago en english tu puta barca madre!You're talking about the chants, are you not?Whether or not the original thought from the ref was to only show him yellow or not, we'll possibly find out, but based on the reaction, our resident ex-referee believes that was his intention.

We also can't give our ticket to any members of our family and we can't miss five game for unjustified reasons during a campaign.
Although Barça were on the front foot at that point, Jordi Alba going closest when he saw his effort come madre back off the left-hand post, Atlético were holding the leaders at bay.
They threw bottles at us and other projectiles.