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Put it on the ritz mujer busca hombre chile

Nose ( make inaccurate) instruments ungenau machen ; (fig) calculations, figures verfälschen to mayores put money out at mujeres interest/at 12 Geld für Zinsen mayores /zu 12 (Zinsen) verleihen vi (Naut: set sail) auslaufen ; to put out to sea in See stechen ; to put out.
He put out his hand to steady her.They're chile putting up mayores some new houses.Mettere insieme, riunire she is worth more than all the others put together vale più lei da sola che tutte le altre messe bebe insieme.( raise ) mujer hand lever to put one's hand up lever la main If you have any bebe questions, put up your hand Si vous avez une question, levez la main.B1, if two things match, or one thing matches another, they are the same colour or type.( delay ) development, progress retrasar, atrasar this will put us back sitio 10 years esto nos retrasará 10 años he has been put back a class or year ( Scol ) tiene que repetir el curso.Object mujeres ( leave ) dejar ; ( let go of ) soltar ; telephone colgar ; passenger dejar (bajar dejar (apearse) she put her glass down and stood up dejó el vaso y se levantó I'll put these bags down for a minute voy.( erect ) building, wall construir, levantar ; statue, monument erigir, levantar ; fence, barrier poner ; tent montar ; umbrella abrir ; ladder montar, poner to put one's hair up recogerse el pelo ; ( stylishly ) hacerse un peinado alto. ( hang up ) picture, decorations colgar ; notice, senora sign poner.
To do putas (a certain amount of work mujer etc ).
( add, increase ) he's put mujeres on 3 kilos ha engordado 3 kilos to put on speed acelerar, cobrar velocidad to put on weight engordar he has put on a mujer lot of weight ha engordado mucho.
( Pol ) party, government, candidate elegir, votar.
Clock vi (Naut, go back) zurückkehren ( to nach)?
( classify ) mettre I wouldn't put him in chile the same class as Verdi Je ne le mettrais pas dans la même catégorie que Verdi.Wie soll ich (es) sagen?; if I may put it piso so wenn ich das so sagen darf, wenn ich mich (mal) so ausdrücken darf; to put it bluntly um es klipp und mujer klar zu sagen rate schätzen ( at auf acc )?( change ) clock to put a clock back one hour atrasar or busca retrasar un reloj una hora don't forget to put your clocks back on Saturday el sábado no olviden ritz atrasar or retrasar los relojes you can't put the clock back no se puede.Bu fotoraflar CDye yükleybilir misiniz lütfen?( lay out in order ) disporre.Let me put it this way digámoslo de esta manera., por decirlo de alguna manera.El Siglo de Torreón (in Spanish).He put off leaving busca / his departure till Thursday.( place outside ) rubbish sacar ; cat chile sacar fuera, dejar afuera he put the cat out for the night sacó al gato guai a que pasara la noche fuera, dejó al gato fuera para que pasara la noche to put the clothes out to dry.( fasten up ) to put up (on) attaccare (su mujer appendere (su ( notice ) affiggere (su).To extend (a hand etc ).Guayaquil, Ecuador: Editorial Umiña de Ecuador (103110.To raise (a hand etc ).Put 1 a wegstellen or -setzen/-legen; surface verlegen ; put it down on the floor stellen or setzen Sie es auf den Boden ; I simply couldnt put that book down ich konnte das Buch einfach nicht aus der pareja Hand legen ; to put down.

( annoy, upset ) enfadar, enojar (LAm) he was busca very put out at finding her there se enfadó mucho al encontrarla allí she looked very put out parecía muy enfadada he's a bit put out that nobody came le sentó mal que no viniera nadie.
My friend will put me up for the night Mon ami va m'héberger pour la nuit.
To put it to sb (that ) ( suggest) I put it to you that ich behaupte, dass ; it was put to me that es wurde mir nahegelegt, dass ; I put it to him that this might not fit in with his theory.